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A book to celebrate the work of the Huntingdonshire Nostalgia Group was launched on  December 4 in the Assembly Room of the Town Hall in Huntingdon.



The group, which has 2,500 members and has amassed 4,000 archived photos, celebrated with the mayor of Huntingdon, Cllr Karl Webb at the launch event. Chairman of the group, Karl Brockett, said: "We now have a pictorial book for the Huntingdonshire Nostalgia group which includes photos from our archives and also our community members.


"We have had some interest in our book and anyone interested in making a small contribution to our group can get a book named after them and we will donate a copy to a group or local services of their choice.


"Keeping our community members together is a positive reminder that we are doing this for free to help our community residents."

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